Exposés ~ Interviews & Guest Posts

Hello everyone. I have decided to expand my Blog to include - Exposés and Guest Posts. So many opportunities have come to me but it has been so difficult to piece everything together, given life circumstances. I will try to keep up, keep fresh and keep on keepin’ on.

One of the best things about social media is when I stand back recognise the sheer amount of talent and inspiration that produces itself on a daily basis. What a wonderful world we have that allows for the flow of information and friendships.

Having completed a multitude of profile statements and  interviews leaves me knowing it is very difficult to say the same message in 30 ways so rather than interview format I developed 6 fill in the blanks. The idea is to create an Exposé allowing for free-flow and form.

¤ Please contact me via email at lesley@lesleyfletcher.com if you would like to ‘expose’ yourself or have a guest post submission. 

An example of an Exposé can be found at http://inspirationimport.wordpress.com/2012/06/16/istanbul-a-love-of-seagulls-photographer-yunus-ozturk/ where I introduced photographer Yunus Ozturk

The links will be posted here:


Lesley Fletcher (an interview of self) artist, writer


Yunus Ozturk - Photographer

Christian Perez de Carvasal - Visual Artist (oils)

Guest Posts

Kenneth Weene – Author

Merlin Fraser – Author

6 thoughts on “Exposés ~ Interviews & Guest Posts”

  1. Hi Lesley, thanks for stopping by MROP. I’ll definitely come back to this after the April blog challenge.


  2. Hi Lesley, It’s been an interesting day don’t you think ? Being a guest Blogger on here, Celebrating Halloween and promoting a Free download of my Inner Space book all in the same day.

    Have to say a Big Thank You for all your help and encouragement you and I have been Tweeting like a pair of love sick sparrows all day and it seems to be working. Least ways no one has taken the Hump with us yet or accused us of too much exposure.

    Let’s hope it’s worth all the effort, although I guess a lot more people know I exist now thanks to you and my friends on FB.


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