Synchronicity or Merely a Coincidence?

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I have another blog going on and have for quite some time. Though Inspiration Import is my main squeeze :) so to say, I like to add to the Journey of the Gypsy. I have far better traffic there, but only 45 followers! Not looking for new followers today. Just wanted to share a post – An old soul has the ability to recognise the difference and make a wise decision of how to apply it. A young soul (in training) can mix the two which can lead to poor decision making if based on events that hold no value.

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Carl Jung can be quoted as stating – “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who choose to see.” But what if you choose to see every single event as being something that happened for a purpose? I asked myself that question today. And I came up with a couple of scenarios demonstrating the difference between Coincidence and synchronicity.

Coincidence to me is something that has no real value even when analysed  – I was picking up dinner at a local chicken place (St Hubert – Quebeckers love it) when someone I will not name entered the jam-packed take-out area at the same time. She freaked out at us being at the same place and at the same time. I did not.

  • A) We live in the same neighbourhood.
  • B) It was dinner time on a Friday night.
  • C) The place was packed with familiar faces (all…

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