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If you are reading this post it is because a) you like Angels or a) you like Apples and I have a little to say about both. Thanks for reading my very first post!

The belief of whether or not Angels exist is a personal one. We have all read enough, seen enough and heard enough about Angels to have made up our minds if they are a part of our lives or not. I am not here to convince a non-believer nor here to sprout a new insight into growth today.

Personally, I believe in Angels. Each and every step of growth I have encountered has been with the help of one or all of these three entities – Angels, the Universe and God. No one will change my mind and I am not here to convert the heathens :).

I struggle a bit depicting them in my art. Mostly I paint in abstract and have managed one or two paintings but where I have a hard time is painting a ‘typical’ Angel. I feel they have been over-exposed to a certain degree and that is a shame because true Angels are so darn beautiful. I know because I see them and feel them everyday!

Angel Day 

On 11-11-2011 at 11:11 I took note of what I was doing. I was sitting looking at my computer screen getting ready to hit the ‘go’ button as I had a whole slew of promotions set up that directly related to my book ‘Hey Angel!’

The website Hey-Angel.com was primed to accept questions for the Angel. All of the links were tested and in place! It was the much anticipated, long anticipated day after all and what better time to take advantage of the millions of people who included Angels in their everyday life; who carried little trinkets, wore the t-shirts, posted the sparking, floating j-pegs … than a milestone date. I would make a fortune! Mothers and Grandmothers would flock to Amazon as would teenage girls and boys who would buy my book for their teenage girlfriend. Even Oprah could potentially have the opportunity to add my book to her library. It was a banger of an idea that I had spent a lot of time researching, book marking, and database(ing).

The only problem was, I was unable to bring myself to do it. I could not bring myself to sell to earth angels on Angel Day. I missed my opportunity for fame and fortune.

Later that night I explained this to the group I play poker with once a month, complaining and kicking myself that I had done nothing, not even taking a walk by the lake, slowing to smell some flowers; absolutely nothing to commemorate Angel Day and that I missed my opportunity to be a greedy pants to boot. They all turned to me simultaneously and smiled wondering if I realised what I had said –  and I did. I celebrated Angel Day amongst friends, playing cards, shooting the breeze, sipping wine and listening to fine tunes. What better way was there? My conscience was clear and my heart filled with the knowledge I was with friends that understood my peculiarities.

And guess what?  I hold a memory of Angel Day that will stay with me forever.

Hey Angel ! is a beautiful little book that makes an ideal bedtime story and a great early reader. The children that have read it, even those who cannot read yet have it memorized in no time because it is written in rhyme. My Angel is not a typical one. She rarely appears with wings. She has terrible choices of hair colour but she is a wonderful companion for young children.

If you would like to read the book (quick read) this is a link to the Google Book PDF. Should you love it and feel compelled to buy it immediately or sooner, it is available on Amazon.

And as for Apples? I came across a new study that states that sniffing an apple will reduce your stress level by a whopping 21%. This is great news for someone who takes exception to road rage. You can now scream out your window, “Oh go sniff an Apple! You road rager you!!” and continue munching.

When I Googled ‘an Apple a day’ it displayed a huge array of other studies. Apples help to combat a whole bunch of serious ailments (too numerous to mention here).

Yes, grandmamma was right as usual.

Lesley rose coloured glasses suit my face – forcing the look in.