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Jean Ann has taken it upon herself to put together an extensive Blog post – What a lovely gesture and a terrific effort she has given. Thanks so much!

Adventures of Sparky and Jean Ann

About My Friend, Lesley Fletcher:

Lesley’s travels and experience in life have had a profound effect on her writing and art.  In each book she strives to connect on a personal level with the reader, the same way she would if she met the audience personally.  As a volunteer with Literacy Unlimited, in Canada, she supports and encourages education as a way to break barriers too, through knowledge and understanding. The adventurous laid back spirit in her has enabled her to become very adaptable to a variety of enjoyable experiences and delight in every one of them. Her biggest pleasures are her biggest motivators.  Lesley resides in Montreal, Canada.

5 Pillars of the Gypsy

‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ is her latest release which combines art and verse and stands as a mixture of spiritualism and emotion.  Each poem tells a story.  Each story is meant to awaken and…

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