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I ‘Stumbled’ upon a blog post today and ended up flipping through the Mistakes that kids make. For the most part they were amusing and then I came to this one:


I thought Gee if only Life was as simple as through the eyes and answers of a child – we would likely live in harmony aside from the odd pillow fight, slap match and tattle-tailing episodes !

This is something that stuck – Categorizing is for Things not for People!

Here is a link to the full post –  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/28KqXE/:1VFcuSX$-:Je+amK2q/www.funnyordie.com/slideshows/ff413570ec/awesomely-inappropriate-test-answers-from-kids/

Lesley,   Rose coloured glasses suit my face, forcing the look in.