I don’t really have enough to fill my day 🙂 so thought I would start a book blog – answering some questions that people ask – Such ‘ Who does she think she is calling herself a Gypsy phhhhht” 😉 Enjoy, Always, Les

The Journey begins Here

I am not a gypsy but my mind wanders and has for a long time. I have travelled places in my mind that some could never dream. In that way I am a Gypsy, but that is where the similarities almost end.

I am not a gypsy but I wrote a book about one with quite a few details :).

I am not a gypsy but I slept in a car one night last winter, in a deserted parking lot in a scary place  to get a feel for it and hated it.

I am not a gypsy but hold an admiration to how over time gypsies have developed an astounding resilience to much of what the rest of society has to deal with.

I am not a gypsy but I have respect for their culture, their ability to roll with the punches, their shrewdness, their sense of colour…

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