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The Universe gave her Wisdom and she chose to use it tonight…

Realising that she had VALUE not only in society but in her own heart was a lesson that took frequent breaks in the Gypsy’s life. But this balmy, fragrant evening stroll showed strength and intuition along with her lofty height of expectancy. She was no push-over; loving instead to convey what humanity had already labelled her to be. The Gypsy loved to take a few risks and laugh inwardly at vacant faces who were startled by her knack to recognise transparency.

The following Poem is Titled EMERGENCE – found in the 1st Pillar (Encore of a Beginning) of my book “5 Pillars of the Gypsy”.


English: Emergence. Emergence is the name of t...

English: Emergence. Emergence is the name of this sculpture close to the lower Lliw Reservoir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Taking ego to the air tonight

Mixed with sweet perfume.
Nothingness is out of sight
Spring flowers start to bloom.

Old age tried knocking at my door
Finding out there’s really no one
Cus I’m out taking in the sights
Of an evening not ignored.

Walking proudly, strolling tall
The swishing of my dress
Strokes my thighs as
I feel a soft and warm caress.

For once I choose to see the eyes
That follow in my wake,
Oh yes he’s cute and even sweet
So I adjust my gait.

The conversation is so trite
I’ve heard it all before
A million times repeated
There is surely more!

This emergence means so much

But only just to me; I see
Blending with the normalcy
Of others’ careless whispers.

While whispers speak in volumes
To the moon up with the stars,
They glide off me, falling loudly
On the grass they leave their scars.

Perhaps to rise once more
On a less fussy one than me
They’ll likely do the trick
And seem like destiny.

But I, my ego so intact

Won’t get swayed by less than more

Continue on this sultry walk
I’m sensing more in store.

Lesley Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.