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"Gypsy Blues" (sheet music) page 1 of 2.

“Gypsy Blues” (sheet music) page 1 of 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, following three other scraped titles,  I had a brainstorm and instituted the current title to reflect the poems and artwork in the fashion that they were created and incorporate ‘Gypsy’ into the title because that is what the book is about. It is about a mind that will not settle on being just placated. It is about a gypsy who searches, as we all do for a place to call her own spiritual centre of our Universe. And finally, I used the reference to the 5 Pillars of Islam (renamed by the gypsy) to reflect places in the Middle East that deeply, deeply affected my own perception of people, religion, misconceptions and realisations and ultimately my art and poetry/prose.

Please click on the link below ↓ to read the first part of the poem that started the whole book rolling.↓ Peace, Lesley

~ The Gypsy ~ conciousness.

↑ Leading to my other WP site – Exploring the Journey of the Gypsy

"Gypsy Blues" (sheet music) page 2 of 2.

“Gypsy Blues” (sheet music) page 2 of 2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)