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Candle (Photo credit: slgckgc)


candles (Photo credit: rogerglenn)

Candles Flame in the Wind by Photos8.com

Candles Flame in the Wind by Photos8.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: This picture shows the motion of a ca...

English: This picture shows the motion of a candle flame. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle ho...

An almost burnt-down lit candle on a candle holder. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my favourite poems found in ‘                    ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ resulted from an extra long wait for my car to be serviced. As usual I was very patient in a contemplating -my- naval sort of way. I drifted to the thoughts of candles burning and how I hardly ever lit them any more and what a shame that was because I so love candles.

By the time I noticed that I had been waiting way passed the promised time of two hours, it was the official break time of the mechanics. It turned out that they had completely forgotten my car and I would have to wait quite a while longer. Quite a stress-triggering situation.

At one time I would have been beside myself with frustration and mad as hell. Now? Since I have learned to ‘let go’ and realise that fighting or trying to fix an event beyond my own control is a useless waste of energy – I simply move into a meditative mode. (Thank you Jon Kabat-Zinn who recently made a comment that Everyone seemed to have a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder). Once I had completed that mode, I could think clearly and felt totally calm and refreshed.

… And that is when it occurred to me that everyone knew the job was forgotten but no one had the decency to inform me prior to my inquiry. That is not cool. Not a good way to do business. As a result of the mistake being made into an error (a mistake turns into an error when it is not corrected or seen to once discovered – Lesley’s rule of etiquette)I made a calm appeal to the manager to rectify the situation. He in turn promptly erased the entire invoice to zero. I thanked him and never went back there again.

With two hours of nothingness ahead of I scrounged up a piece of paper – Notebook at home as is usual when I need it most – and I passed the hours engrossed in writing of the following poem. I noted how unruffled I was in light of my actions:

  1. Get the whole story
  2. Stand back from the situation
  3. Assess damage
  4. Consider appropriate action
  6. Take the appropriate action
  7. Write a POEM 

The Flame – from ‘5Pillars of the Gypsy’

As the flames die slowly with the night,

Extinguishing the day

Smoke silhouetting through the quiet air

Taking shape  of snapshots

Of memories, not long forgotten,

Igniting sweet desires instead;

Of candles burning every night

And romance in the atmosphere;

The scent of rare patchouli

Teasing in the shadows;

Nostrils slightly flared.

Soft rock music fills

The gaps between silent knowing glances

Mismatched glasses toasting

Filled with cheap Chianti

As the bottle gathers wax.

Cracker crumbs fall in between

Well-worn cushions of the couch.

Baby-doll pyjamas barely

Bothering to cover.





The night falls inaudibly.

Stealing eyes’ content and gentle smile

Baccarat crystal shattering

Falling from her fragile grip,

Onto the shining marble floor

Mimicking a blood bath

Is Châteauneuf-de-Pape.

Slumped in true abandon

Of this life she’s earned to live

Returning to her heart’s true love

If only in her vivid final dream…

Lasting an eternity

Meeting her rebirth

Embossed upon her soul

As the next life starts de novo

And the flame again ablaze.