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above – an Angel  carved into a column – playing the bagpipes in St Giles Cathedral, Scotland. When I searched for images of angels in Scotland, many were playing the bagpipes!

The monoprint is an 85. x’s 8.5 inch depiction in abstract which likely came to me as a result of my heritage which is a mix of Scot (maternal), English (paternal) and Irish (both) – Now ask me ~ Do I have a hard head and a bad temper at times? Bien sur I do! Do I tear up when I hear the bagpipes? Yes, every darn time as did my mother before me. Is God an Englishman as my Dad proclaimed? LOL not so sure about that one.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting some of my art as I am going to be very, very, very busy doing not much at a Beach :) Happy Vacation Time everyone!

Be safe, keep well, have fun and forget your troubles (make trouble instead!~) Cheers, Lesley 

English: Angel playing bagpipes The angel top ...

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)