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This one gets me every time I read it – even though I wrote it. Sometimes writers don’t really write their own words – I think this is one of those time. Lesley

The Journey begins Here

The Understanding

I am an oxymoron
And deal with it each day.
You see, I hate
The haters in the world and
Won’t indulge in their play.

Being me, I take the time
To step into their shoes
And gander from the
Other side.
But I have naught to lose.

From minds of hate come
Words that spew
With spit and with it phlegm.
They are meant to insult,
Belittle and tear up other men.

I hurl with those thoughts and words
And twist right inside out,
And finally end up screaming back,
My voice beyond a shout.

I hate you all you haters,
Who spin our goodness to your side,
Who use the work of angels

And force them to collide.
Who set apart all goodness,
Peace and harmony to satisfy
The anger, pain, injustice that

You feel.

And through these words and actions

Be what they may ,

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