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This is a post from my other site Journey of the Gypsy which expands on my book ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ – by expanding I have learned so much about myself and the reason(s) I wrote and published the book. Thanks for reading and sharing… Lesley

The Journey begins Here

Never satisfied with silence and non-motion, the Gypsy finds it in herself once more to stretch the strength she was born to own and ignite when the time seemed right. The time was right, right now. The grapple to exist for a purpose in the universe haunted her days and nights. No other thought occupied her restless mind or her broken heart. What was it that she needed to accomplish? Where was it that she would feel that she belonged? The questions were endless – the answers elusive. She started this part of the journey by cleansing her soul and freeing her thoughts and on a wing and a prayer she plunged into the phase. 

The Gypsy Continues

Then the winds of change blew rampant

As they rustled through the trees

Did hit the gypsy solidly

And knock her to her knees.

She raised her eyes to heaven

And thanked…

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