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One day, and I won’t forget it, I was driving down a tree-lined street and much to my delight I discovered colours. When I look back to that day, I think to myself –

Were you for real Lesley? Where had you been in your mind that you did not notice that trees are never just green? That colours are not sample swatches in a paint store. That colours are around you everyday and you failed to notice them.

Of course I recognise the reason and it is my point today. I didn’t see colours because I was dealing with a racing mind that failed to slow even for nature itself. My mind failed to notice any of my surroundings as it was going way too fast.

Since then, I continuously remind myself to smell the roses (literally) and even when I am overwhelmed with outside problems, running around in my head, take note of every single shade, tone, texture and even the meaning of the colours I see.

Wild roses

Wild roses (Photo credit: ressaure)

My awakening that day is one I won’t forget. Listening not just to words but to nuances such as colours has afforded me a more tranquil, more satisfying existence. 

I wonder now how many people miss the glorious shades of green that nature offers – One thing I have learned in life is that I am never alone in my discoveries, however simplistic they may seem, there is at least a couple of hundred individuals that need to be reminded today that green is never just green!

Green symbolizes: life, nature, fertility, well being and relaxing physically and mentally. For more on the psychological benefits and a wealth of other information and on it being the colour of the Heart Chakra I recommend this wonderful, clean, clear website  http://www.sensationalcolor.com