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Universe Closed

Universe Closed (Photo credit: brianarn)

I   have enjoyed playing Tag with the Universe quite a bit in the past few years but it has taken some getting used to; especially the rules! Anyone who tunes into the Universe on a regular basis knows what I am talking about as it is not an exact science but rather a multi-layered, complex series of events, emotions and self-realisation. An intricate game of adult Tag is the best way I can describe it sometimes. Books like “The Secret” tries to simplify the process making it seem as if there is a set formula but I am here to say there is not. Working with the Universe requires great care and an ability to listen carefully to say the very least.

The biggest rule I needed to learn is that there are no TAG-BACKS. Go figure!

  • When I first picked up a paint brush the UNIVERSE guided my hand (I have no doubt so don’t argue with me on this 😉 Tag I’m it!
  • 78 Unique water colours later the UNIVERSE told my paintings to start talking to me because I wasn’t listening to it and needed a little extra hard shove. Tag I’m it!
  • My water colours decided I should write a book and it should be about a little respected Rite of Passage (being 17 years old and graduating from high school) Tag I’m it!
  • I listened and struggled mightily to come to terms with the fact I was producing my first book. The UNIVERSE took hold of my pen when I got stuck. Tag you’re it!
  • My book was complete so the natural next step according to the powers that be was to open a company, have the book edited, have the book’s layout done professionally, publish the book, order a large quantity of high-quality books which seemed to take an infinite amount of time for an anxious to get the show on the road budding new career writer.  

AND TAG BACK THE UNIVERSEafter all, I had accomplished a miracle that I would never have thought could occur in my lifetime. I fully expected the Universe to do its job now since I personally had done far more than it had in the process. 

So the UNIVERSE decided that it was IT and encouraged me to send my book to the CEO of CHAPTERS/INDIGO – fair dame of Canada and the woman from whom I bought almost all of her Picks (Enter: Heather’s Picks, a table in each store dedicated to personal choices. These books became instant best-sellers). I absolutely relied on her choices not knowing she was an actual person-in-charge, thinking she was a fictional character – Ha! Wrong. Heather Reisman was an actual person who was about to receive my book with a hand-written note from me asking her to enjoy my book ‘Prom Girls a North American Rite of Passage’.

The UNIVERSE provided the gumption for me to do this and then the UNIVERSE had Heather’s (1st name basis now) secretary call me up one random day to say – ‘Heather Reisman loves your book and thinks it’s charming. She asked me to call you and let you know she will be presenting it to her buying committee.” 

Now, any Savvy person would of course ask a pertinent question or two but not me. I am (was?) not savvy and not good with phone calls at all so I thanked her quickly so that I could go and do my Happy Dance up and down the hallway, complete with screams of delight, recognition of the Universe and dreams of a fiscally rewarding career as a writer. I envisioned MY beautiful book adoring her ‘Heather’s Picks’ Table and completely outselling the rest sheerly because my cover was amazing and would attract the most attention ever in the history of Chapters/Indigo. 

Whew! I was exhausted after all I had accomplished and so very grateful to the mighty UNIVERSE for its guidance.

  • NOW – this is where everything went to hell in a hand basket.
  •  I neglected to notice the UNIVERSE had done a Tag-Back.
  •  I dropped the ball.
  •  I never did a follow-up phone call (I hate making phone calls or did I already mention that).
  • My book sat on her desk as vacations took place and it never made it to the buyers committee meeting 😦
  • By the time a great deal of time had passed (I thought the UNIVERSE was still it, please remember that), I did call back following several rehearsals.
  • It was sent to the Young Readers Buying Department
  • The representative of the department emailed me to tell me that there May be pockets of Canada that my book could potentially sell in but I would have to engage a distributor.
  • The youth market would not eat up my book ! but I knew that. It was a niche market, gift book suited to ages 14 to infinity and beyond. It had no Vampires in it.


  • My beautiful unique wonderful book would not grace the table of Heather’s Picks
  • It would not be carried in the store
  • I could not find a distributor (contracts, costs, obligations, $$$$)
  • I would not be rich or famous any time soon
  • I learned a hard lesson


  • I realised my part sooner than expected
  • I let the Universe off the hook
  • I learned the proper rules of playing Tag (very difficult)
  • I realised also that had things turned out the way I had envisioned them the day I was celebrating up and down my hallway with visions of grandeur dancing in my (stupid) head that I would not have written my next 3 books, All I Want for Christmas is a Wishmas Tree, Hey Angel! and 5 Pillars of the Gypsy.
  • I realised that there is indeed a reason things don’t happen
  • I realised that the Universe has had its coarse and gentle hand in all important events in my life
  • I Trust that the UNIVERSE knows what it is doing – Because I do not always know what I am doing.
  • I am grateful for its abundant gifts.
  • I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Heather Reisman is in no way responsible for my book falling through the cracks (just look at her position and imagine how much information passes by her deck each day) – I am – and I accept full responsibility.
  • I am grateful for the knowledge that she loved my book and found it charming. It gives me hope ❤ and makes me smile with pride (intact).

LesleyWho should remove her rose-coloured glasses from time to time, me thinks 😉

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper - TTdesign

Abstract Colorful Universe Wallpaper – TTdesign (Photo credit: tomt6788)