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When I saw Mario Balotelli, 21 years old, strike this pose following a spectacular, adrenaline driven 2nd goal during the Euro 2012 semi-final championships, my mouth flew open in shock.

The first thing I thought (being an Italy fan) was OMG! he’s going to get a Yellow card! OH NOOOOoooooooooooo!

This post is part of a weekly feature that is hosted by http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/ where Jake provides a word of Inspiration and participants post according to their conception of the word. This Sunday Post word is SOLID.

The second thing I realised was Mario was so pumped full of emotion that he completely bi-passed logic when he removed his shirt following the goal. His emotions took over his senses and there was no going back. This shot was easy to obtain as he stayed in this position for more than anyone I had seen celebrating a goal. Why? because in my opinion this was not a celebration as much as a statement. A statement of his history, abilities, his up-bringing and ego. Mario’s goal was not just a goal – It was personal. It was a message sent to every child in Uganda and a message to the world that he is a Warrior who would take on the world if need be. His stance told his adoptive Mother that she aided in building a strong focused man out of a desperate boy and told his brothers all over the world that he was their hero. A man to emulate, a role model and a man to respect.

While some might categorise him as an arrogant hot-head that put his team’s chance for a 1st place finish in jeopardy (If he got another yellow card he would not play the final. If he got another yellow card Italy would have to play one man short during this game also), I didn’t see his gesture  that way.

I saw him as his emotions showed him – a SOLID WARRIOR with a fundamental message of significance.

Bravo! Mario Balotelli, who did the right thing by immediately embracing his Mother once the final whistle blew demonstrating a SOLID relationship based on respect, gratefulness and LOVE. To read further about their relationship and the dedication of his goals – http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/mario-balotelli-dedicates-goals-to-his-mum-945043

I am pretty sure I need not point out the other SOLID quality that Mario possesses other than the natural ability to find the net…………………. Girl look at that BODY. He works out! 


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Lesley

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli (Photo credit: DrabikPany)

(Taken from Jake’s site)

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