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Self-medicating often leads to hospitalizations for injuries, decease, mental illness – the list is endless – the profits are enormous and the victims are the victims time and time again. It is time to bring Old Fashioned BACK ! Deepak Chopra is offering a 21 – day free Meditation Challenge citing that it takes 3 weeks to gain a habit (I thought it was 3 weeks to break a habit 😉 but I will go along this one time.

Either way it works for me. Here is the Link to sign-up. It started July 16th but it is not too late to sign now I think. I am sign-up so can’t test it. Sorry ’bout that.

THE LINK – To The CHOPRA Centre 21-day Meditation Challenge 

Best of Luck and Success with the Challenge, Lesley – Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.