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Limbo is a difficult place to maneuver is it not? This poem is a commentary of what we see when we glance quickly at someone, versus taking a look just below the surface (no need to go too deep) – It goes to the skill of listening and understanding. We are such a quick minded, critical society, in general, that we sometimes forget to understand emotional human sufferings often dictate behaviours. What has been plaguing that crabby clerk? Why is that driver racing up your butt? Can that person ever smile?

From 5 Pillars of the Gypsy blog site where I post a poem a week from my latest book.

The Journey begins Here

The Gypsy remained stuck in limbo. She saw the need to appear as though all was well even though it most obviously was not. She spent her days and nights visiting water in all forms. Lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans – searching, seeking and wondering what it was going to take to make her feel whole. The Gypsy challenged herself time and time again to find the anchor that would solidify her existence as she floated with a heaviness that somehow remained unseen by those around her and defied her feelings. She was, by her own estimate about half-way to her destination. Water provided answers in currents, waves and ripples. Water – the essence of life without which there would be no life. She sought out water. She thirsted for life.


Numbness is feeling too

It radiates her eyes.

Nothing hurts her anymore

Not even wretched lies.

She’s numb from…

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