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With much of the Internet’s images being used without the creators consent, Morguefile.com has seen a market for Free Photos for Creatives, by Creatives. It allows for manipulation and distribution without copyright infringement. I also use freephoto.com which is great but a little more time consuming as FreeFoto.com (s) images fall under Creative Commons, as does my own work. (http://www.CreativeCommons.org)

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Every now and then at 5am (probably posted by my clone) I will be bringing you a newsflash, update on what I’m doing, invited guest piece, or whatever takes my fancy, and today I’d like to mention a great site for free photographs…

Morgue File

At some stage in their writing, blogging, eBooking, writers need photographs. Some will have their own stash of ‘could be perfect’ shots they took thinking it might just come in handy one day but if that’s not you or it is you but you just don’t have what you’re looking for try Morgue File.

The home page is http://morguefile.com and shows their favourite photograph of the moment.

There are thousands (probably tens of thousands – there’s a great one of green icing cupcakes no. 542347 – http://morguefile.com/archive/display/542347) of free photographs to choose from and all you do it put a keyword (or more than…

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