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The Gypsy had come a long way by now. Starting with a new Beginning (Pillar I), an offer and a promise served to enlighten and envelop her. Turning to a broader scope of the world and Discovering (Pillar II) that her own small world was but a fraction of what was necessary to understand her purpose served to push her further. Now, casting off her selfish quest in order to understand and read others was her sole focus for the time being. She smiled with contentment at her self-discovery, delighted that she grasped the Realities of Life (Pillar III), knowing those realities would help mold her own sensibilities – help her centre her own spirituality and place in the Universe and in doing so perhaps re-create a better person. 

Saving Grace

The haggard face looks weary.
Life took its toll too early.
The eyes that once were sparkling
Growing squint against the sun.
Revealing lines more so
Than just short months ago.

Drawing eyes to yours to question
The age of one so very young.
Demands a concrete answer to…
What have you been through, son?

Disappointments etched in creases
Hunger crawls the surface,
Searching for a reason
That only he can fathom.

Dreams dare not be dreamed
By someone sinking
Into thoughts malnourished
By a life that has since passed.

Starving for contentment
Intimate without
Trust in God seems not enough
In this his time of drought.

Tenderness and loving care
Are right within his reach
But deems himself unworthy
And lies down in defeat.


The eyes to soul have wandered
And he’s picked out one or two
To trust with all those secrets
That may just hold the clue;

To a lifetime of fulfillment
A family and a place
His to own forever more
Will be his saving grace.