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I was never one to wish time away. Enjoying the dog days of summer stays with me all the way until the end of October. Living in Montreal, Halloween is the cut-off for me (time to put away my flip-flops). It is reminder to let spring and summer go and prepare for some long winter days.

August though has always held memories of excitement as children and adults alike prepare to go back to school. The school supplies, clothing, back packs, lunch boxes, bus passes. New beginnings and with that new challenges. It never really settled well when I heard mothers stating in front of their kids that they could hardly wait. I didn’t feel that way. I wanted the break to go on until at least the end of October!

But that’s me. I struggle(d?) a bit with ‘letting go’ – When blissful moments and people become a part of my memory bank instead of staying in the present moment, I have to remind myself constantly that life goes on. Not only does life go on but it also has more moments in store ( to hold onto even tighter )! Joking aside, I have learned, by default how to let go, to distance myself from my emotions and just let life flow. Detachment has been a learned task for me – not a natural one and it has taken me about 16 years to master. Hard headedness is not a virtue all of the time!

This poem is about beginning the process of letting go of your child – starting from the moment of birth. At the time the new life leaves the womb they become part of the world, nurtured by their parents for a time, but no longer in the cocoon of safety they and their mother enjoyed by being tethered by the umbilical cord. If it were up to me …. ahh but alas it is not 😉

And as all celebrate arrival
I mourn departure.
Looking to the hills of frosted
Landscapes and
Hailing those before
Me, who have the knowledge
Of my inadequacies.

And letting go of nature
To the bounty of the land
Of bits and pieces here and there
To build a repertoire
And feed the soul as well
Ignite it.

And bright and bouncing
Footsteps go
before me
into others arms
To learn without me knowing what
Lies in books and others minds.

And turning for a time
To words beyond my reach
And thoughts beyond my touch
The core of heart was mine
But now for all to share and
Take more.

And down the road of life
Well travelled
You will not be alone.
Although you’ll walk on solo
And ponder life’s decisions grand
I shall toast the gleaming spirit
And trust of bold endeavours.

And as all celebrate arrival
I shall happily mourn departure.

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbilical cord has not yet been cut. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)