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As she continued on her journey using her imagination as a ballast, the Gypsy was drawn to the centre of spiritualism in the country of Jordan. While others headed for the River Jordan, she choose again to take a different route. What she witnessed could not have only been an ideal creation. She felt more as though it was a vision, a message, a spiritual revelation. The Gypsy’s soul was filling with nourishment. She felt an unfamiliar yet spectacular feeling. The Gypsy was hopeful for the first time. At last she danced again slowly and without a care. Her time was coming soon. The Gypsy’s movements showed her passion was still alive.  


The Mighty Unicorn


Four corners of the earth sent their finest representation with thrilled anticipation – rushing, pushing, spying, over-garbed formality, drenched with perspiration – to be greeted by the gracious queen,

Who put aside her tireless tasks to hold the hands of landed guests in hers, assuring them, with charm and dignity, intelligence and beauty, that her home was theirs.

Vast delight lingered long after greetings paused, allowing thoughts of unfolding circumstances to brew,

Pondering, perhaps, what may be a crystal-clear reality answering life’s ancient mystery.

The whole taking place in her small country: misunderstood desert lands, rare green mountains, history entrenched with richness, the basis of mankind.

Where the call for prayer five times a day reminds the people of their debt and promises to family roots and God himself.

All the kerfuffle worth the price of travel via any route as now the grandest spectacle unfurls.

Yes! Continuing for days to see the vision grazing the horizon, leaving witnesses hungrily enamoured: love at first sight collectively.





Each of those who query, who speak in hushed and secret tones dispatching vast conspiracies – the grandest hoax to date – deny it in this instance.

The entire held instead fast, furious, attentive – not hungering for food or drink or camaraderie – spellbound by the performances of the mighty unicorn.

Arriving in terrific droves, the unicorns crammed the surface, free at last to taste fresh air.

Speckling the horizon, horns encrusted proving years of digging, winning liberty to perform rehearsed ballets for the world to flatter.

Eyes alert, snouts bursting through the surface salt, not quite hiding smiles as they formed their clever shapes.     Gliding into crosses, stars and crescent moons; forming words of wisdom, in every language that exists, legitimizing fairy tales and books of God alike.


Accounts of mourning and demise of their fine species gone by returning to the earth from which they vanished all those years ago.                                                                                                                                                         The terrain that held their history, glory, fantasy without the foresight it now had.

Be gone, naysayers,” they seemed to cry. “Be gone and fill your vast reports to agencies not slightly worthy of all we have to share.

Human beings thousands strong will testify our presence – we’re back: sharper, faster, stronger, wiser – united and uniting.”

Five days and nights they danced and whirled designed to entertain the masses until, in fair-haired glory – manes, tails and horns of solid gold – they set off the salty sea with ease and galloped through the crowds.

With smooth comfort and in chorus their lovely wings unfolded; leaving miracles in their midst, the unicorns took flight.

Spectators stared in gratitude; privileged, they applauded; spontaneous in laughter, embracing one another.

Waving, cheering frantically as the beasts lit up the evening sky, splitting into smaller groups aimed for earth’s four corners.

Circling just one more time, they hovered, basking in what was declared to be an encore of their encore.


Beginning then in earnest, they set out to meet their destiny – demonstrating for the human race to grasp new visions of the Dead Seaand with it possibilities.