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The Gypsy, as she sank warmly into the joys of her fantasies and imagination, thought she had put her past behind her. She truly believed that her journey had worked miracles on her soul. That is until she came across temptation and then memories were forced to the surface of her being once again. She wondered if she had the strength and courage to face another challenge. The Gypsy made up her mind at that very moment that no one person would ever be given the power she deserved to own. Her own potency was being tested and for once she welcomed the unknown darkness that she avoided in the past with a vengeance – She took on vengeance instead with all the moxie she could muster. It felt like an essential part of her buried soul had awakened. Her cunningness became her weapon. Inearth was her innocence. Unveiled was her survival. Once last call out to her Angels and then the Gypsy put her best dress on…

Dance With the Devil

The devil grabbed me by the leg

Trying to bring me down

To a level at the time so tempting

As revenge already held me.

”If it’s revenge you seek – believe in me.”

He flashed me photos

He whispered truths

He dangled live emotions

Before averted ears and eyes.

Afraid, alone with weapons

Forced upon me

I took hold of my senses

Staring blind at his attack.

”What will I do to pacify you?”

I mewed against all will.

His piercing blacks flashing

Will power, guts and chill.

”Payback for ‘sins’ as you people claim

Is not to be ignored but rather conquered.

Redemption  gained !”

”I’ll do as you say – divulge the route.”

His placidity still contained.

I stood  innocent, succumbing

To his power he stood subdued and pensive

Wondering my sway.

The grip on my leg formed

To a “sweet” caress

Taking every single morsel

Not to cry out in my distress.

”Dance with me tonight

Under the silvery moon.

Throw your body soul and heart

And I will aid revenge

With a rampant start!”

With that he pushed his lips on mine

To seal the wicked deal.

Weak-kneed with fright, anticipation

He took this to his ego

Chest swelling with the promise

Of victory on his part.

And that is how it came to be

On the beach in paling light

Romantic overtures perceived

By only him and me.

Yes, I danced with the devil

Pretending abandon

With grace and so with ease

And he in turn was eager just to please.

While during the dance

My blinders fell loose

Evaporating all remnants of

The age-old curse.

As the music took pause

I remained in his grip

Notes entered my heart

Giving back life.

Pounding gently once more

I heard my heart swish

With innocence vanished;

It directed a symphony of angels and trumpets.

Hosts of heavenly sounds.

With this I was certain

With this I was strong

No revenge would I seek

The devil was wrong.

“Devil be damned”

I managed to utter

As he struggled and sputtered

As he fought hard to stay.

A mighty bolt of lightning

Fell onto to the sand

Sticking the devil

As I twirled and danced.

“Yes, Devil be damned!”

I roared at his head.

As he  tumbled and shook

As I took him for dead.

Alone I danced

Alone and free

Of all revenge

Of misery.

During the process I found that the dance with the devil held so many more components than I had originally written into the verse above.

Peace everyone, Les