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Fairy Love

There are fairies in the air today.
They run and skip and jump so high.
It seems like they can reach the sky.
They zoom like tiny lightning bugs
And tease the children oh so much.

They picked this horrid place, you see,
Because I think they followed me,
To sprinkle children as they play
On pavement ‘tween the cars astray.

Their father, see, is in the bar
And they were left inside the car.

When they notice him emerge, the fairies float away
To hover over other kids who need them as they play.

The fairies followed me once more to see me home and safe.
And just as I reached my door one flew in my face!
She told me of a secret for only me to hear…
She told me that they stayed with me and always would appear.

So now I look for children who need some fairy dust
To help them grow up softly – for me this is a must.

The parking lot was not so bad as cars pulled in and out.
The fairies kept the children safe and all without a shout.
I’m grateful on this day to see the children playing oh so freely
And fairies soaring high and low over those they love so dearly.

It didn’t take much of an Internet search to come up with links demonstrating world-wide exploitation of children. It does take a village and yet many villagers only add to supporting children by their silence. I have left out so many. The baby athletes in China, drug runners and addicts … the list is relentless.

We have all read it, shook our heads and wondered but what can we do The problem is too huge… (I know and agree)

While even together we can’t stop every monstrosity we can do our part one little bit at a time, support those who do have a voice and pray that what we do will help the innocents of the world enter into a gentler time.

Magda M. Olchawska, children’s author and film maker is doing her part, having just produced an indie film about the Sex Trade industry. She has my utter respect for tackling such an important issue. I hope you will support her also. Many readers here know what is like to produce, distribute and market their products. It is a huge undertaking – Magda could use our help.


You can find her everywhere but why not start with RT’s on Twitter https://twitter.com/magdaolchawska

Pole Dancing Classes starting at 3 years are simply for fitness?

Young beauty Pageant Shots Where are the boys?

Child Brides How can this go on?

Children and War scared and scarred for life. I watched a movie recently entitled the  ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ – I actually find the title a real turn off and the cover mis-leading, likely causing many to bypass it. (It was a sold out day at the video store and so I picked it up.) I am so happy I did as the story follows a true story of one man who sacrifices his own being for a cause that can’t be bigger. The child soldier – Kony didn’t die just because the Buzz did. He is alive and doing the same to this day as he was doing when the story first went viral. Give the movie a look/see when you have the opportunity. (Still wish they would re-release with a different title and artwork but maybe it attracts more people in general the way it is…) In the meantime here is You Tube video as an introduction.


Lesley – Rose Coloured Glasses Off today xx