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Morning – The dawn of a new day, signifying new beginnings, new adventure, perhaps a second chance on yesterday. Below is a depiction of high school kids on prom night waiting for the sun to come up. It is a tradition, here in Montreal, following a night of festivity. Nothing could be more suiting to new beginning than a sun rise and viewing it in solidarity.

Morning comes earlier for me than most people. I am up at 5:30 AM everyday. Like other early risers I embrace the quiet, listen for some guidance, contemplate and stretch my imagination, bracing myself for whatever challenge may come to meet me.

During my travels in the Middle East I awoke even earlier than usual in the morning to the sound of the call to prayer. At first it was disturbing and rather haunting. Within a few days, it became soothing and welcome. I listened with my heart and appreciated the reminder of not only a new day but of a day with God and the Universe.

Assalam Alaikoom (Peace Be Upon You) 

The call for prayer mixes 

with the rooster’s call.
They complement each other.

The stars still glow through the
And all the house is still.

But for the sound of chai boiling on the stove
And the quiet snores.

Silence follows with
No interruption as the
Stillness fills the quiet.

Nothing seems too foreign
Except for the
Absence of noise and
The presence of God.

found in my book –  ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’  

An all time favourite of mine from the Cat. Whenever I hear this song I picture my sister walking down the aisle as it played on her wedding day. Beautiful memories of a woman always in my heart.

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