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In transit born
to feet of Angels
Flying not with wings of old
with the spirit 
Virginal beginnings.

A genesis per se of 
Sacred spots 
Bracing streams
Vivid dreams 
Music resplendent
With a chorus of triumph

Echoing through the wildwood
Scents of honeysuckle sweet 
Nourishment beheld
for but
a chosen few.
A suiting legacy for you.
This day… and forward

through the journey we call life 

cc Lesley Fletcher 2012


It has been such a long time that I have written anything from my heart for personal use. By working on another book, I find myself always writing from morning until night even if it is in my head. While I promised myself there would not be another book so I could concentrate on my art and marketing, it seems I have no choice but to accept the inspirations and write them down.

This poem was written as a birthday wish to a friend who lives in Montreal but who travels so much no one ever really knows where he is – Happy Birthday Luc, wherever you are :). Les