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Sometimes you just have to have some fun with words and fantasy – πŸ™‚


You were in my head today,
Your breath upon my body,
It kinda caused my hips to sway
As I climbed my flight of stairs.

You were in my body today,
I trembled from inside.
It kinda caused my head to sway,
Like you lived inside my mind.

You were in my heart today,
The tugging causing trouble.
It kinda caused my body to sway.
I was thinking of you double.

You were in my soul today
For only me to feel.
It kinda caused my heart to sway.
It kinda brought you nearer.

You were in real life today,
The elements combined.
Head, body, heart and soul they swayed
And made up for lost time.

I decided to Import my Journey of the Gypsy Blog to this site. On the right side here you will see the categories for the 5 Pillars.

While I did not publish all of the content of my book, I did pick out a few to post with my art. Additionally, I added a few special interest posts about Gypsies and will continue to do so.

In retrospect it was a bit difficult to gather an audience for both blogs. I will keep the other blog going but will be posting the input here as well. Β This poem of course is from the 4th Pillar (Mindful of an Imagination) from my book ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ available at Smashwords in e-book format and at many on-line retailers.

Have a wonderful week ahead, Lesley – Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look inΒ