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Sierra Leone-9567

Sierra Leone-9567 (Photo credit: benzpics63)


Having come across so many lovely photographers here on Word Press, I thought this would be a great place to pitch out an opportunity to help GIRLS in Celebration of The 1st INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE GIRL – Empowering young woman world wide is no doubt one of the best initiatives I could choose to back.



Here is the Address where you can send your old camera – No doubt it will be put to great use and be well received and cared for.


The International Rescue Committee


Global Crescendo Project


35 Frazer Street (off Wilkinson Road)


Freetown, Sierra Leone


If you wish to follow-up and see the photos taken through documentation please follow The International Rescue Committee on Facebook


On another International note about Girls I was completely shaken by the news that Malala Yousufzai, the first recipient of Pakistan’s National Peace Award for Youth, was hit by at least two bullets when the gunman fired at her car in Swat, located 160 km from Islamabad. Malala received the Peace Award for her initiatives at 11 years old to demand the right that girls go to school. She wants to be a doctor. 

The latest update is that she was undergoing an operation to remove a bullet which went through her head and lodged in her spine. She was too critical to move to a different, more advanced hospital for the operation.

She was targeted because of her “pro-West” views and for “negative propaganda” against the Taliban.

Ihsan said the girl would “not be spared” for her opposition to the Taliban and would be targeted again if she survived.

It is girls like Malala that give me hope for the future of women the world over. Thanks everyone. I hope you will join me in this worthwhile cause. Lesley ☮