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I feel compelled to write about an incident that haunts me a bit. Every time I think of closed minds this encounter comes to mind.

A woman posted on LinkedIn a need for Press Releases for her column after which she would turn it into a promotion like story. I sent her mine only to be asked a number of questions. By the tone of the questions, I knew that I had to walk on eggshells with the answers. 

Here they are:

What is your definition of a gypsy?

The true definition is often debatable but currently the Romanis hold the largest population of genuine Gypsies with a close following of the Pavee which are from Ireland and Tinkers from the UK. My definition for the purpose of this book is a person prone to wandering, unsettled and searching for answers which is more like a definition of a Gypsy Soul. 
What is a pillar? 
A pillar is a solid block of belief. 5 Pillars can be found in both Christianity and in Islam. In this book the ‘gypsy’ defines her own pillars as – Beginnings, Discoveries, Realities, Imagination and finally her own Musings then ultimately finding her way. 
Is this like a novel in verse form?
 No, it is not a novel in any respect. It is a series of stories told in the form of verse. I am not a classical poet but still hold the ability to paint a picture and tell a story in this format. The inclusion of my art allows the reader to delve further into the process of the journey. 
What do you mean by a go to guide?  Guide about what?
 I have been told on many occasions that it is a book that is kept by the bed-side, or near the reading chair and picked up, read and applied to the reader’s own personal journey in life. I think what they mean is it is quite soothing to have another share their own thoughts and beliefs. Very often people think they are alone when in fact many of us are not if we learn to connect with like-minded souls.
What is your background in theology?  What education do you have?
 I am both a self-taught artist and writer. I have no formal education in either nor in theology. I absorb and study humanity and find it takes me to the same subjects which is religion and up bringing.  
Many people see birds, representing peace in this piece of art. When I produced it – it was meant to represent the bloodshed that has interfered with the peace process for centuries. The top red figure is the crescent (Islam) the second figure is the cross (Christianity) and the three red figures bottom right are the tears shed along with blood. The underlay is a peace sign that has been desecrated. 
Have any ministers read this to attest to its spiritual content?
 The biggest attestations have come from those with a very strong belief in God and the Universe. It is not about one religion but about all religions and inspiring life philosophies. Each person receives messages in their own way. I have one poem about a pilgrimage which is obviously based in the Muslim faith but have had praise for that from born-again Christians. It may sound trite but love is a great religion. I have not asked any clergy read the book but who knows maybe they have and I am not aware of it
What are some quotes that other people said about it?  You listed one on your web page, what are the others (if you have permission to publish them.)
 I can give you the link to my blog which has quite a few messages and reviews listed…http://journeyofthegypsy.wordpress.com/reviews-and-feedback-5-pillars-of-the-gypsy/
What kind of person would enjoy this book?  You said “anyone”, but that’s not a specific market.  What need are you trying to meet?
 If I was to be very specific I would say my target audience is female, anywhere, and someone who has gained life experience through adversity and is still working on challenges. The age range is where I have no gauge because it really depends on the person and their own search. On the other hand, some of my biggest surprises have come from how men have embraced what I write about. 
Eventually she wrote back and in essence said as long as there is anything about Muslims she could not support it. She chose to produce a Vampire column instead 🙂 
Thanks for reading my impromptu SELF-Interview today. I feel like I did not completely waste my time at least!
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I am an oxymoron and deal with it each day. You see I hate the haters of the world and won’t indulge into their play. Being me I take the time to walk in another’s shoes but even with the knowledge found – I have nothing to lose. Les