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I am very pleased to introduce everyone to ARTIST Christian Perez de Carvasal ! 

Combining symbolic elements of the figurative and the abstract, French
artist Christian Perez de Carvasal creates stunning canvases that reflect
all the movement and energy intrinsic to city life. Inspired by a childhood
in Paris, the artist paints sprawling scenes highlighting the majesty of
modern architecture and the dynamism of crowded sidewalks and streets.

My intention about my art is to try to create provocative, emotional and
political  reactions from my public  .

My goal  is to become an artist whom can contribute on the international
art market  .

I wish to be able to expose my artwork in different cities in the world

I am totally commited to my work ,I am working seriously everyday , I try
to have a high quality and improvement  every time a put my brush or knives
on the canvas .

I am inspired by urban life, people in motion, architecture and colors.

In the future I like very much to have a place in New York, were I can work
as an artist ,this has being a dream for years  now.

Home – Sold (Lesley`s Choice)

The works of Christian Perez de Carvasal can be purchase by contacting him by Email  “cpcarvasal@gmail.com

Christian Perez de Carvasal was born on Martinique, grew up in Paris and has lived in Norway for the last 30 years. He is an autodidact artist with 30 years of experience, mainly in Norway. Christian has exhibited in several galleries in Oslo and area during the last 10 years. He has had good reviews from various professional artists and has had a substantial number of sales to private collectors in Norway.

To view other pieces Christian`s  blog may be visited HERE

*When you scroll over the photo it will display the title and size of the painting.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful artist`s talents. Have a great day! Lesley