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Hi – I hope you will take a peek at my Interview with Indie Reviews – Many thanks to Angella for her time and postings.

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My travels and experience in life have had a profound effect on my writing and my art.In each book I strive to connect on a personal level with the reader, the same way I would if we met personally.

Over the past three years I have managed two trips with Habitat for Humanity – Global Village; one to Tajikistan and one to Jordan. Each of these trips included short stops in Istanbul. As a result I had the privilege of learning about Islam and its parallels with Christianity along with cultural customs.

As a volunteer with Literacy Unlimited I support and encourage education as a way to break barriers too, through knowledge and understanding. The adventurous laid back spirit in me has enabled me to become very adaptable to a variety of enjoyable experiences and delight in every one of them. My biggest pleasures are my biggest motivators.

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