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I have been working on and off on a Love Story – Yet untitled but I am fiddling with the White Paper of Love Eternal. Within the love story there lies another love story. How unrealistic is that? Me thinks not at all!

The following three poems, one of which I posted a while ago are ‘post cards from the boxer in Montenegro’ – I am really enjoying putting words of deep lust and longing together. This morning, I had to pull the car over as one came to me.

That has been the fun of working on this book. I only seem to write it when an inspiration bops me on the head from nowhere. As a result I make sure my notebook is wherever I am. I think I will start carrying my little Sony recorder too. If only I could trust myself to transcribe! Three down, seven to go.

PS – I use images from http://www.morguefile.com – They have loads of free images.

Wishing everyone a great, productive, soulful weekend and Rememberance Day. Lesley

Montenegro de