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I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be in this life without the sense of humour I carry with with me. Laughing at inappropriate moments (real life slap stick) – Laughing at myself (I find my actions and words and thoughts delightfully amusing sometimes stupid and laugh out loud at myself) – Laughing in the face of ignorance (biggie) – Laughing with joy (with the universe) and laughing at the obvious of course.

When I saw this photo of my good friend Sebastien, on whose photos I have done other alternative art I immediately lost my halo in laughter as I came up with a ‘funny’. Now, I know that everyone can’t share the same sense of humour, but in saying that… I do hope you enjoy mine today.

And my love affair continues 🙂

Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.

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