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The Boxer from Montenegro has been helping form the full story I am working on. By crawling into his character, I have found out so much more than I would have just writing on without him or writing him in after completing the main story. He has definitely become and integral part of the whole. I am falling for him. I am starting to believe him and trust him. Interesting stuff!! (to me)

Here are the rest of the postcards from ‘the Boxer’ – Β A final note, the 11th piece of his one way correspondence is a bit longer so I will keep it back.ImageImageImageImageImageImage.


I think he is in love – no?

The other (3) ‘postcards’ can be found at https://inspirationimport.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/will-you-unto-me-come/

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Have a great day all – I am off to write today and feeling so bad that I have been unable to keep up on reading the Posts I follow… Oh well. C’est la vie sometimes. Lesley