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#FWF Waiting Bridges

Ah but how you insist on covering up

From the rain and the pain and the romps

And the sky

Instead will you open

Your heart and your mind?

For still people will trample

Use you underfoot;

Underhanded and pushy

But with sun in your eyes

And wind through your hair

And trees dropping leaves

At your feet.

You will findbridgeblackandwhite Credit: http://www.wineonthekeyboard.com/2008/02/15/black-and-white-challenge/Credit: http://www.etsy.com/listing/109275395/the-romance-of-a-covered-bridge-black

That even in the storm we call this life

There is room for that opening

Room for that heart

Wide open spaces without despair

Leading to places that you should once dare

Leading to strength that you have oft sought

Through the storm we call life.

Uncover and share

Feeling the storm underfoot, in air.


Free Write Friday hosted by Kellie Elmour

It truly does present a challenge because of the instructions to free write and not edit, not even a spelling or punctuation error. It’s a great way to find your own way and test the courage in your soul. I admit to adding a period today but only just one(.) I broke a rule – shoot!

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