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resolve_quotes-300x300I resolved not long ago to own my soul and I do

I resolved to stand up for what I believe in and I do

I resolved to enjoy my own company and I do

I resolved to feel each and every breeze and see each and every colour

– to appreciate the moments 

– to hear the voices that speak volumes in innocence and respect them

– to vow to a peaceful existence and accept all people of all nationalities and religions as my own flesh and blood

– to keep clear of evil and welcome and recognise my angels

– To Feel With My Heart and Hear with it Too – no matter how much it hurts – not to block out pain of others because it is inconvenient. 

– To whenever and wherever possible douse my fellow man with positivity and try to understand his point of view even when it is not the same as mine

– To travel places that I have only, until now dreamed of 

– To spread the word of peace until the day I die

– To continue to write in a comfortable voice without violating others rights and freedoms

– To love my fellow man without judgement

– To study more religions and cultures

– To keep with my personal resolve to protect those who need their privacy to feel comfort

I have many resolutions and resolve to stand by them. I don’t need a book to tell me what is right or wrong. I have lived long enough to know the difference – I choose to live a moral life. 

This is my resolve. Namaste. 


Free Write Friday hosted by Kellie Elmore (thanks Kellie)

It truly does present a challenge because of the instructions to free write and not edit, not even a spelling or punctuation error. It’s a great way to find your own way and test the courage in your soul.

I knew with absolute certainty that this would turn into a rant which is not what I intended but it poured from the hollows of my mind and I do so like being restricted by the rules sometimes and yet others love to break them! Ha that’s a woman for you!