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beauty and the beast

I warned him I was in a bad mood and not to expect much from me when he said we we going to dig up a treasure just for me. He had me do the digging. That was a piss poor start to an already shitty day.

As I dug, I began to relax thinking maybe a buried treasure box would be just the thing to stave off the grumpy spirit that surrounded me today. The sun shone directly on my back and for a moment I felt warm, content, normal.

It was long before I found the box and found myself smiling again. When I opened the lid my smile disappeared as did my patience.

“How the hell did you do this? Actually why the hell did you do this!!?”

“Because it is time.”

“TIME! you just made me open a can of worms. EVERYONE knows that you NEVER open a can of worms. It is common fuckin’ knowledge!!”

“That box holds your past. It is time to face your past. It is time to face your past. It is time to face your past.”

“it is time to paste your face you idiot. Do you think that you are that ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future? Do you actually think there is a happy ending here? Do you think that life can be conveniently wrapped up like a MOVIE!!? Did I already call you an idiot? because you are.”

I threw the can of worms at his head and missed. They scattered all over the forest floor, wiggling and squirming, slithering – escaping. There goes my past, I thought. Sitting wasn’t an option. Those ugly memories would invade more than my mind and soul – they would crawl into my physical being too. I made up my mind right there and then what I needed to do.

I lit the fire, turned the muzak on from my phone. MUZAK! what had this situation done to me? and I proceeded to gather up all of those memories, plucking the ugly creatures from their lairs (do worms have lairs?) and one by one tossing them into the fire. Buddists would not be happy with me but I doubted that worms were actually living things. I think they were a plant by my whatever the hell he is.

“Are you happy now? I have faced all my memories, chased them round the forest, put up with dirt and slim on my hands (and now on my jeans which I used for handy-wipes) and finally put them to PERMANENT rest. They are but ashes in the breezes of life now. Poetic aren’t I you asshole.”

“I think you missed the point. I am disappointed in your handling of your past.”

“YOU”RE disappointed? I lived it. They are MY memories and NONe of your business. I can do whatever I want with my memories and I just did. I burned those blood sucking, mind creepers down to the ground.”

“And now what will you use to guide you into the future? Where have you put your lifetime of experience? How will you know not to make the same mistakes again? We are meant to carry our memories, not to let them rule us but to let them guide us. Our memories, even the bad ones and maybe even especially the bad ones help us see light, help us recognise darkness, make us who we are. Burying them for a short time in order to move forward was a good idea, but it was time for you to bring them back to your conciousness. It was time for you to do that – but now they are truly gone.”

” I told you I was in a mood. Maybe this could have worked on another day”

“There was not time like the present.”

‘Shut up’


This weeks FWF prompt is a time and place scenario:

You are in the woods and you stumble across a tin box sticking up out of the ground. You dig it up to find…

As usual, I thank Kellie for taking me to a place I don’t normally go.

Free Write Friday hosted byΒ Kellie Elmore

It truly does present a challenge because of the instructions to free write and not edit, not even a spelling or punctuation error. It’s a great way to find your own way and test the courage in your soul. (Pardon my Language this time πŸ˜‰ yikes! – it was just so so …. appropriate!