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Leonardo da Vinci

The word ‘awakening’, in my humble opinion is sure to be the buzz word of 2013. The world events in 2012 gave many a rude awakening. Although these horrid events have happened for centuries all over the world, the fact that we are subjected to details quickly and accurately to the point of bombardment with thanks to social media and the Internet has left many reeling.
I counted the number of times during the normal process of my day that the word was contained in blog posts, articles, book titles, poems, magazines etc… and came up with an astounding 48 times in one week.
Now there are several ways to identify ‘awakenings’ both in the spiritual sense and in the common sense areas. Some people need a super dose in the common sense area but I am comfortable letting Karma take care of them. In the spiritual sense area though, everyone should be free to have their own definition. A true spiritual awakening is not about a religious experience (although it may include one).
Definition of Spiritual Awakening – according to many sources seems to have a common variable which is the difficulty to actually explain specifically what it is!! Confused yet? Yes, I got a little grumpy at the overuse of the word, while I was trying to define my multiple awakenings (enlightenments, loss of innocence, transending moments end to end without an end, realisations, understandings, ability to listen to more than sounds, this list is endless). So frustrated was I by the swinging overuse that when I attempted to define it via my art I ended up with two completely different takes on the word.
The first one, a pretty coloured piece (which would have sold twice had I not sold it once) was me trying to demonstrate the existence of angels and what they would look like in the mind’s eye. I wasn’t at all satisfied with the end result and stopped working on trying any further; I titled it ‘Lost Angel’ ♥
The second one exhibits my exasperation with the world situation (peace, liberty, killings, resources, lack of compassion, lack of empathy, lack of awareness, lack of any spiritual sense, this list is also endless) that I desecrated the word. There was no apparent need for me to give this painting a title ♥
I come then to Mystik Way Magazine (click through photo above to view) which is a mix of what the title suggests. It is a free publication chalked full of hints, reminders, recipes and art that, for anyone wishing to wake up their Awakening or even to tippy-toe toward it should have a glance at. As adults we can decipher what theories or concepts will work well toward our own personal goals. I personally love this magazine, picking a choosing what suits my needs. There really is a great variety of articles – the focus being love of yourself, others and the land. It is a harmonious, peaceful, nature-loving way of life. This is not a new concept – it has been in existence since ???? (debatable), but is only now being understood more by the masses.
Finally, Leonardo da Vinci, born April 15, 1452, in Vinci, Italy had it right. Guess what everyone? Awakening is not a new word! It is though one that we as a society should at least aspire to understand and work toward.

I would be remiss not to mention:

Sharla Shults`s soon to be released book HERE (Awakenings from Then `til Now !)

And Angella Graff`s book The Awakening HERE

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I encourage everyone to follow their own path, allow awakenings to happen naturally by being aware of their existence and enjoying each and every moment as it unfolds. I wish you nothing but great soul warming awakenings. No more rude awakenings for me either (I am done with that 🙂 )

Do You have an Awakening you would like to share – I am all ears. The more we know, the more we grow!!