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Taking my own wise advice has sometimes presented a problem. While I can be quick to dole it out and demonstrate how important it is to relax, listen, pull back, meditate, and basically enjoy life, I somehow drop the ball myself. Each day brings a challenge as I constantly remind myself of my own rules and philosophies – one of them being don’t be too hard on yourself!

Well I managed, while on vacation to completely submerge myself in nothingness. My phone was off. There was no WIFI connection. Not even a camera being toted around. I spent 11 days letting the southern January wind blow through one ear and out the other. In fact my head was so clear that I accomplished absolutely nothing. Almost nothing. I do admit to carrying a couple of pieces of paper and a pencil as a just in case so while sipping Spanish Coffees in the late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon and early evening I contributed to a play I had started before leaving. And that’s all folks!

Relaxing to the point of nothingness has taken its tole on me as I find myself still in a bit of a lazy mode. Before taking a break I realize I had come to a point where I was not creating the way I love to. The Internet and all it had to offer seemed to rule my days. I didn’t want to miss a thing and as a result burnt out from an excess of information. Yes, each and every post I read and article and video and photo provided delight and knowledge but kept me from my own muse instead of enhancing it.



Be absorbed in thought.
An instance or period of reflection.
meditate – ponder – contemplate – ruminate – think

I have often been asked how I keep up and I can now say in all honestly – I don’t anymore … so I know that I have to change my ways a bit. My 30% social media time was based on a 12 hour at-the-computer-day. Twelve hours is too much isn’t it? So now it will change to a 6 hour computer day to include *writing time (oh goodness gracious No Internet??) of which I will allocate the 30% – I believe doing this will provide a better balance. Prior to now: Gym? what gym. Volunteer? down to 1.5 hours. Social? once a week (2 hours) Learning? dunno 🙂 Art? Iffy. Lunch? watsat?

This will all change because I took my own advice and LISTENED TO NOTHINGNESS for 10 full days. I highly recommend this type of listening for those who struggle to keep up. Keep up with what?

angel shhhh

Have a great weekend everyone – It is nice to be back (too) Les

Alan Watts describes the state of nothingness.