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Please change date to 2013 – The quest for the Dot Continues !!

Inspiration Import

I have a goal for 2012.

I have a dream. I have ambitions. I want to graduate.

From a piece of dust  – (Did anyone see me then? Or was I as invisible to everyone?)

I became a speck  – (·) (Can anyone see me now? Or am I still invisible?)

From that speck  – (·)

I want to graduate.

To a dot

(•) – (Will anyone see me then or will I still be invisible?)

It won’t matter because I will know that I have graduated from a piece of dust that gets lost in the wind to a speck that finds its way out of the wind to a dot that holds its place universe mixing with the other dots 🙂

And that is my main ambition – To Be a Dot by the end of 2012 !

How hard can it be?

The excerpt…

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