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The creative path that each artist takes in producing a piece of art is unique, providing onlookers with a glimpse into their mind and how it works. Today I am sharing a look at how my painting, which is number 4 of 5 canvas pieces I have been playing with, came into being.

The reason I needed to back-track and probe the process is because I haven’t produced anything quite like it and so being naturally curious even as to how my own minds works I figured out where I was, what I was doing, and mainly where my emotions and head set were.

Instead of getting all into the psychology though, I am sharing the prompts. Much as in writing exercises, prompts or inspiration(s) have a large play into what will hit the canvas!

Here is my first one. I picked this up from the floor and twisted it, tried it on my fingers, one by one, peered through it and felt the texture all while staring at my blank canvas. It is a black rubber thingy piece called a washer.

The second (prompt) was when I placed it on my work space and found it was all twisted rather than perfectly round as it had been on the floor. I am guessing I had rolled it off my thumb at that point.

This then led my mind to what a human would look like if they were physically twisted. I dared not go there. It was way too unpleasant, but I did wonder, as an artist how a broken body would look. Sick right?

Step 4 then was to google images of broken bodies and that is when I found a broken statue of an angel – and the vision of what I wanted to achieve became clear to me.

I titled it “THE CRIME SCENE” and if I were to sub-title it would be ‘Of a Broken Angel’. It occurred to me that broken angel was close to the title of a much lighter piece of mine… `LOST ANGEL`.

lost angel js

What is interesting to me is to note my mood at the time of painting – I will let you guess that part 🙂

Gee does this look like a black halo. This just gets more interesting (for me anyway)
b Cormeilles_en_parisis_54_broken_statue_(the_rape)

The broken `body`.

crime scene death of an angel

THE CRIME SCENE oil and collage on canvas – 10 x`s 12 inch.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy Pillow Fight Day – No, I didn`t make that up!!