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Many times people have called out for help with their projects and I have answered and this time it is my turn to ask. Suddenly I find myself deeply uncomfortable, rather like planning a party that no one comes to.

Here is the ask: Help if you can. There are NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED.

I have just completed my 1st full length stage play. (Yipee!) and could use a set of eyes or two for feedback regarding flow and comprehension. (no proofing or edits needed). It runs 25 pages of mostly dialogue. I would post it here but may enter it into a competition at some point and then it would be ineligible.  Please message me here or email  if you think can help out. Thanks! Most Appreciated!

SYNOPSIS: A mother experiencing behavioural/emotional difficulties with her teenage daughter conjures a plan to save her daughter at the cost of another life. The story demonstrates classic similarities between three generations, while providing humour and realism against a backdrop of deceit and moral deviance.

I would be very grateful – THANKS!