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An idea without a plan of execution is like a balloon with no helium. I read this status update on FaceBook where I have been dipping in and out of for a few weeks now. 

This particular phrase runs pretty deep with me. It takes me back to my father and his abilities and dreams that he never had time to fulfill. I remember very clearly the advent of the Tent Trailer happening. My dad, upon hearing of it shared with me his drawings (he was a design draughtsman). Sure enough he had invented the Tent Trailer eight years prior. I was so distraught at the unfairness of it all. “Dad, you did this eight years ago!! What happened? This new way of camping should have your name on it!” He just shook his head. “Well, I thought of it first but it’s too late now.” Hence, my need to follow through on at least 30% of my ideas. While I keep a list of inventions, it is doubtful I will have enough time in my life to see any through either. I get it now …

and so – having a working plan of execution that may or may not be completely fulfilled remains important to me. No need to make lists that I will never get through. I just pick a couple or four things at a time to make it all semi-manageable.

For the most part I am working on a plan of execution for my stage play that several generous people here on WordPress gave feedback on. Wonderful advice and insight. Thank you!

Now giving it legs and wings is another undertaking. The easy part (for me) is over and the difficult part of the journey begins. Shopping it out.

The choices are:

  • Publish it on Amazon at a ridiculously high price. Say 15,000$ and hope that someone not only buys it and all of the rights but that I become known at the same time for doing something so cheeky that I manage to get ‘brilliant – outside-the-box thinker’ attached to my name. HERE is a fine example of a writer, Sheridan Simove, who made something out of absolutely nothing and garnered press about it (albeit self generated).
  • Shoot from the hip (which is my usual MO)
  • Open a discussion on Stage 32 which is a social networking site for screen play, theatre, film and acting. Ask what they may think.
  • Hit the road. Door to door locally as there are only five English language theatres here in Montreal. This is the scariest of all to me as I have no resume to back me up. I picture the response – Who are You? What have you done in Theatre? Why would we even consider a newby to the Business?  
  • Find a competition or two to enter. My problem with this is the vast amount of competitions and of course validity. There is more research to do here …

How about a show of hands? I have never incorporated a Poll into a post before 🙂

Apart from actually just thinking I have also been exceeding my own expectations of doing.

  1. While making a minor change to my website at LesleyFletcher.com, I managed to lose the template, a couple of photos, a couple of pages and as a result re-did the entire site.Lesley Fletcher Artist Writer
  2. Started a new book ‘The Journey of the Gypsy’ because I still have more to say on the matter. This is a smarter book than the last as I will not incorporate any of my art and I will keep the format standard – 6 x’s 9 inch. No squares, no glossies, no visual panache. Just me and the words. I have a cover planned but it is very preliminary.full cover
  3. Opened an account with Fine Arts America and uploaded 80 pieces to sell as reproductions. my artist site
  4. Find myself writing more and more Content for others to buy. I know I should take this further as my payment for service is quite tiny but I just don’t have the energy or time to spread my wings any further than they are.fountain pen
  5. I have been reading many posts but not stopping to comment too much and for that I apologise.936110_613296475348686_697606543_n

My Plan of Execution following my Initial Plan of Execution which I started four years ago is still in its infancy but indeed it is a Sound Plan of Execution!

Thanks for coming by. Have a wonderful rest of the week. Lesley xx