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“Probably the most visible example of unintended consequences, is what happens every time humans try to change the natural ecology of a place.”Margaret J. Wheatley
“Where is my Sea?” is the title of my little piece. I was cleaning up my work area today when I came across it. Originally it was meant to be part of a monoprint creation but when I looked again, I realised I was saying something to myself.

where is my sea

When I reflect on society and how people treat each other on a day to day basis I find it really disturbing. I have been sidelined by nasty comments, without being sure why I am even reading comments. The worst was the big hoop-a-la about Pope Francis and his take on homosexuality. He said,  “Who am I to judge a gay person of goodwill who seeks the Lord? You can’t marginalize these people.” which was taken to believe that he was speaking about people in general but understood to mean he was speaking of celibate priests. Either way half of the Catholics were for and half against and fights broke out on Twitter (@Pontifex). Pope Francis has proven himself to be the single most accessible Pope in history and certainly the most progressive so far. Then why is everyone (against) so caustic about his motives? The Pope has a fine balancing act to do. One is to fold in modern society and the other is to uphold the Catholic religion. No easy task to say the least. Let’s let him. Let’s let him be who he wants to be without judgement.

Back to my art – sorry I got carried away with the whys 🙂

I will still put it in the use as spare parts pile but wanted to share none the less. No doubt it is about a decline in not only the ecological state of our planet and oceans but also the lack of respect that society offers those that should be held dear. This is not a naive statement by any means as I am well aware of the evils that lurk everywhere – but can we try to be a bit less asshole-ish? (by the way there was NO red line under that word before the question mark – I rest my case)

Hoping everyone is having a fruitful summer filled with sunshine, creativity, peace and love.