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And then I ran.

I ran until my feet were bloodied by the sand beneath them.

I ran until the air I breathed could no longer find a place inside my lungs.

Until my tears flowed desperate to escape after holding on so long.

Until my heart released the pain by beating itself up for being so broken so long

And then, I ran some more.

I ran until my muscles were raging in agony.

I ran until I could no longer discern the landscape through my sweating eyes.

Until the night fell and the moon and stars alit my way for perhaps my soul to follow.

Until at last I crumbled, wasted from my former life.

Realising tomorrow the sun would rise, the sand dunes would welcome me.

The desert would share my pain as it has so many others.

And keep my secrets, eventually leading me to my precious sea.

desert sky

One of my favourite books is the Kite Runner by Author Khaled Hosseini. The last line was actually ‘And then he ran.’ I believe but I had already written the above so kept it as is. 


Free Write Friday is hosted by Kellie Elmore. More posts related to this Free Write can be found HERE.
I haven’t been able to keep up with my schedule so have been unable to contribute for a while so today I find myself really happy to take part. The rules are simple and everyone can play! Personally, I am challenged by the fact there is no editing allowed. What you write is what you post. It is very exhilarating to complete and discover where my mind took me. It’s a great way to find your own way and test the courage in your soul.