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“Did you ever think maybe that is what you are supposed to do? Why you were given your talents?”

When I first heard these words, I baulked as it felt as though what I do holds only the value of giving rather than receiving (as in monitory compensation and professional recognition) and then I stood back and took stock for a few reasons to accept the questions as a matter of truth.

  1. Honour
  2. Integrity
  3. Giving
  4. Creating
  5. Exposure
  6. Pride
  7. Caring
  8. Volunteerism
  9. Sharing (I have always maintained) is the true heart of an artist.

I enjoy volunteering – it does give back, it does ground the soul, it does satisfy the maternal instinct, it does feed a void.

I like sharing – always have and always will – there is something intimate about sharing that is satisfying. Caring is sharing and vice versa.

Creating? – Well what can I say if the mood hits right and the channels open it is a glorious day!

Exposure – Since I don’t very often join outside groups nor am I a big fan of committees and organizational politics and bureaucracy then it goes to follow that if I am able to showcase my work via on-line contacts I am satisfied.

Ego and honour and pride go hand in hand in my opinion.

If I offer, it is sincere – or if I look for an opportunity to repay someone for a good thing – integrity goes into play naturally.

And so maybe just maybe a portion of my purpose is as suggested is creating for a CAUSE.

My friend Jean Ann French (I met her while volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Global) approached me to paint an original piece for a conference she was going to be attending with Zonta International, a women’s group who concentrate on the betterment of females world-wide. What a great Cause!

I immediately agreed and then she laid the bomb on me – it had to be based on the theme of yellow roses. Now, anyone who knows my art pretty well knows that painting pretty yellow roses doesn’t jibe too well with my style. I suppose if I were a classically trained artist I could whip off a bunch of yellow roses in a heartbeat but alas that wasn’t the case.

“Jean Ann, while the roses are truly beautiful I don’t see myself painting a beautiful perfect rose.”

“Oh no, no, no. I fully expect it to have your stamp on it.”

“Okay:)” (ego)

“Of course you will be compensated for your contribution.”

“No, I think I would like to donate it as my way of supporting the organization.” (the giver in me is happy, the artist in me feeling a creative surge, the ego patted very nicely tyvm, the berth of exposure more than met, the friend in me caring).Β 

Yes this is what I was meant to do. All the criteria has been met.

Here is the result of my work. I decided that in order to attract a younger base of members to Zonta the work would have to reflect not only Zonta’s ideals and goals but also appeal visually to a modern mind.

Acrylic and Collage (mixed) “SEEDS of the ROSE”



















Another result being than I am now an honorary member of Zonta – Now – how cool is that? So, as you can see, in the end it is me who becomes the all around winner.

zonta back






















Dr.Jean Ann French is a dynamo – a tireless advocate and volunteer, professor, (shopper πŸ™‚ ) and traveller.I would challenge anyone to try to keep up with her schedule and gifts. Her latest adventure will take her to Nepal with the organization Crooked Trails where her purpose is

“My trip to Nepal will serve two groups or more by sharing reports, papers, and presentations for the following:

I will submit a report of my findings to Zonta International, while my trip will be β€˜service’ work credited to the Zonta e-Club USA-1because I will invite the new Zonta Club of Katmandu to attend our meeting with Maiti Nepal. Zonta International promotes the advancement of women and has a real passion for stopping human trafficking.
I will write an academic paper on leadership on Maiti Nepal and present at a conference, which should get the paper published in a scholarly journal.”

To find out more about the Nepal Trip – visit http://nepalwithjeanann.wordpress.com/


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Peace – Have a wonderful day.