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spontaneous explosion

Spontaneous Explosion – oil on mylar with barely perceptible underlay. This piece, while it does contain some of VVG’s colour pallet, doesn’t have the same feel as the rest, but I enjoyed the process so I decided it would make the ‘cut’ for this post 🙂

A few weeks ago (or should I say months?), I started a small works project influenced by the works of Vincent Van Gogh. I still have a few more 5 x’s 7 inch mats to fill and what seems like reams of mylar with which to work. My first set of two can be found HERE. These are my latest. It has become a go-to, experimental project with no stress attached and that’s the way art should be.

I used or incorporated several parts of VVG’s work into some of the pieces. I hope I can inspire a few people to try their hand at collage and experimentation so that they can experience the peaceful feeling that creating, gluing, envisioning provides. As you will see, these are not anything to write home about. They just are what they are.

Slowly with the Night

Slowly with the Night – Collage, VVG, Acrylic overlay, Pen, oil paint.

Van Gogh's Garden

Van Gogh’s Garden – oil on mylar with cut out underlay mixed with acrylic on paper print.

Junx – oil pen, mylar, collage, oil paint, pen

Sleep Now My Sun

Sleep Now My Sun – mylar, VVG photo, pen, fabric paint, acrylic overlay



Landelven – collage, oil paint, acrylic overly, pencil

blue funk

Blue Funk – mylar, collage, oil paint


And there you have it – Fun, fun, fun!

Below is a photo sent from a friend who purchased and framed ‘ Sleep Now My Sun’ – I had originally thought to frame these with a simple 5 x’s 7 inch frame but she gave me food for thought. Knowing this is hanging in the home of a long time friend (30 years) gives me such a great feeling.


Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprints. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at http://www.LesleyFletcher.com

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