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Laws are something that are written down; a point of reference or in many cases points of precedence for judges and law-keepers to rely on when faced with crimes and punishments.

But what about moral and ethical rules? The ones that hold society together and can tear families, work places and other institutions apart when broken. Ignoring and by-passing moral rules and unethical codes of conduct are often just as dangerous as crimes, however since they are not written up anywhere (exception religious books) – who rules on those being broken?

We witness these rules being broken on a regular basis and yet have no recourse except to disassociate ourselves from the perpetrators. (thanks be I am not her or his sister/brother/co-worker/friend/boss…). Social media has brought so many flagrantly immoral individuals to light. It is staggering.

Some rules come very close to being a crime but will never be outed as such because the very laws and restrictions/proof that make them a crime can protect the transgressor.

My Play – UNWRITTEN RULES – displays the ease of committing what should be a criminal offence. In my books, what takes place in the play IS criminal.
Crimes against society and humanity by the seemingly innocuous. Just take a look at how difficult it is to curb bullying and gossip, for instance.

We live in a dog-eat-dog world where any lengths are gone to in order to gain what we want.

In my play there are a few different unwritten rules broken but for one – ‘We take care of our own.’ This one is the one that catapults the story.

1. Taking someone’s child to ensure your own child’s mental health.

2. Aiding a desperate friend in a way that will hurt her/him further.

3. Spreading rumours, gossip, lies.

4. Creating havoc under the guise of humour and wit.

5. Blackmail.

6. Accidental deaths. 

Sounds pretty packed with all the elements that would make for an interesting film or story, right? Yes. For some odd reason we seem to be attracted to the bad side. The side that allows others to get away with ‘murder’ while we are forced or content to stay silent by both the law and by crowd mentality.

The thing is … with moral decay as a backdrop to my story, it became so very easy to make light of what is essentially crimes being committed by what may be your neighbour, your friend, family or co-worker. They walk amongst us and we interact and can be found laughing at their antics.

How far do we let our associates, family and friends go to attain their goals?

If you read my play, you may find it is outlandish, but I beg to differ. I have been witness to many ‘folies’ and have been muted, hushed, horrified and impotent against the effects. That’s why it was a story that needed to be told. And it is only the tip of the very frosty ice burg.

Do you harbour similar experiences? Likely, as do I. 

I am of the opinion that many do, have and will continue to do so. Our society is one that allows for it. We think we have evolved so well, but the truth is, societies of ‘primitive’ people who have not evolved don’t face these problems.

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