MoMo’s Book Diary (Maureen) gave me lavish praise in her words “I found myself gripped and didn’t want to stop reading”. Afterall that’s what I strived to achieve in writing Chrystal Ball Persuasion.

MoMo's Book Diary

The travelling carnival is not the life Gypsy pictured for herself. Since being given her mentor’s gift of a premonition from a very young age, she has had her sights on a life far away from the one she leads.

Standing in her way are two men; one who has been waiting a lifetime for her love and one who depends on her gifts for a living wage.

Trusting the Universe, she throws herself into a new life when she finds the seeker who fits the premonition. She sets out with a new identity and a zest for adventure on her quest for the truth. Her journey leads her to questions she had never thought of asking. Only one thing is set in stone. She will never return to life on the midway again.

Accompanying her on the adventurous escape and leading the way is a woman whose life has…

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