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Self-affirmation can come from any number of subjects. I chose one that had to do with love. My decision (to purchase a pendant I didn’t need) was based on a few different factors.

  1. Self love inspires self confidence. Although I have a healthy self-esteem, I do wobble sometimes in the confidence department. I suppose most humans do.
  2. I haven’t bought anything I didn’t need for quite some time. I made up my mind following my Habitat for Humanity trips, and after a purge of unneeded items from my former home, to limit buying frivolously.
  3. I envied my character in Crystal Ball Persuasion – She wears an amulet of tourmaline on the pinkish hues but infused with other colours. The tourmaline in those colours are mostly associated with love and help heal emotional wounds. (I didn’t come across a tourmaline so opted for 2nd best 😉 ) The post is HERE on my Journey of the Gypsy blog.
  4. I felt an unmistakable urge to take something home from a wonderful shop in Dunedin, Florida, I visited, while on vacation at Clearwater Beach.

I had my husband laughing because I insisted I had found my people in that lovely little town. … I was immediately attracted to a light purple place with dark purple trim. It was called Enchanted Spirits Metaphysical Shop – I have linked it here, but their site is not in full operation. I am sure though, if you are looking for ANY stones or crystals you can give them a call and make an arrangement to purchase. They are also very nice people to deal with.

They have three full rooms of all kinds of delights from salt lamps, to jewelry, books, candles, incense … too many products to list here. Playing softly as we crept room to room was new age music. Overall the atmosphere was so calm and inviting that I spent at least thirty minutes picking up stones and quartz pieces, reading all about their healing or other powers, and then placing them back gently into their bowls. That was until I came across one I could not put back.



Above is one I nabbed from Google but mine is essentially the same. I was drawn to its colour and to the feel of it. When I read what it represented, I had to buy it. It was unbelievably cheap too!

And when I wear it I make a conscious effort to keep my heart open to all types of love. As well, I wear it as a reminder of a wonderful little town that I will do my best to return to as often as I can. It provided a great contrast to and great relief from political  commentary which was just ‘what the doctor ordered’.

A confession that I have likely made here before, I am a news addict so while I wandered around and sniffed and touched for a bit, I still snuck in two daily newspapers at the cafe in town! Oh how I loved it there.


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