For lack of a better word this page contains my thingamajigs. I put a call out for a word that describes these – I was trying to figure out how to spell who-gee-what’s-its – does anyone know… I seemed to have gotten into a bit of a jam – It’s SUPPOSED to be the name of something you know there is not really a name for.

Here were my responses from Facebook.

  • omg lol where are we going with this… but you could try ” thingamabob “
  • lol if the whogeewidget thing doesn’t work out
  • Or Whatgamacallit. That’s what-ga-ma-call-it.
  • hahah I always said whatchamacallit
  • or whatsathingy
  • doohickey
  • doodad

As I post these Thingamajigs I noticed that I do not get a Red line under the word so that MUST  be it!!

YOU ARE WELCOME TO SHARE or SAVE these thingamajigs 🙂

6 thoughts on “Thing-a-Ma-Jigs”

  1. Awesomeness Lesley, simply awesomeness! Big Sigh, love ’em all! xx

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  2. Welcome – very good to meet you. I have to remind myself of this each and every day or it get pulled away. Is it the same for you, I wonder 🙂


  3. I like the one by Nelson Mandela a lot. Great whatsit page…

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  4. Sharla! You have an amazing collection there. Thanks so much for including some of mine in your treasure trove


  5. Lesley, took some time to cruise around your site…love your Thing-a-Ma-Jigs so I selected a few to pin and tweet:>) Pinned them to Daily Soul Food –

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